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Veterinary Dermatology Is Our Specialty

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At the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we understand the importance of long-term relief for pets with chronic or relapsing skin and ear conditions. Through careful and thorough assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, our veterinary team can make a real difference in your pet’s comfort, wellbeing, and happiness.

Our promise to our clients is to seek the answer to your pet’s problem with the least number of tests, procedures, and medications. We will develop a treatment protocol that addresses your pet’s dermatologic condition, which prevents them from enjoying life to the fullest.

Often clients have been referred to us by their family veterinarians, but a referral is not required to receive care at our clinic. We always send written communication to your primary veterinarian informing him or her of the diagnosis and treatment your pet is receiving from our veterinary dermatologist.

Our clinic is conveniently located at 16429 7th Place West in Lynnwood, Washington, just off of I-5 at exit 183 (164th Street). We serve more than just the surrounding Seattle area, we have clients from the entire State of Washington and some from Canada.

I just want to let you know that having my master take me to see Dr Duclos at the Animal Skin and Allergy clinic is just about one of the best things that ever happened to me. Thanks so much, Sam. — Mike Flood

My partner took our English Bulldog, Scrabble, to Dr. Duclos when we rescued him in February. He had a horrible skin problem, especially around his neck and paws. He has been healed by the power of Dr. Duclos! — Nitai Terhanian

Thanks for taking such good care of Chewie. I took him to see Dr. Duclos who tested him for what he was specifically allergic to and got him just that right medicine to take care of his allergies! Thanks Dr. Duclos and his team you are the best! — Nichole Martin

I’ve been taking my cat, Xena, to ASAC for nearly 10 years now for her skin condition. Always very friendly! — Melissa and Mark Miller

I took our boy, Owen to the clinic because of his skin problems. His underside was red and sore, he was very uncomfortable. He’s in good shape now. It’s been well worth the hour and a half drive to the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic! Thank you! — Anne Smiley Percival

Our yellow lab, Sydney, started having serious allergic reactions to her new environment. Her skin broke out in rashes and lesions, and she was itching so badly that it kept the entire house up at night. Since Sydney started seeing Dr. Duclos, she’s back to her normal, happy self. Thank you! — Dave Mongan

Discovering this clinic was a great relief for us. Maggie, our mini-labradoodle, developed an uncommon disease that our regular vet was unable to diagnose. Dr Duclos recognized it immediately and his treatment regimen has given us back our little friend with gusto. Thank you Dr Duclos! — Ardith Karr Arnold

We took Abby, to Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic because she had glue ear in both ears. The Vet was super nice and took care of her the same day. The thing I liked the most about the visit was that they took a video of the procedure they did on my Abby’s ears and showed it to me. — Cynthia Paro

Love this place! Took our golden retriever, Duke to see Dr Duclos. Duke had been scratching for almost 2 years. Dr Duclos did some skin testing and prescribed allergy shots with some medications. Duke is now itch free and a happier dog. — Rosie Wilkins

Cooper Loves his new "Skin Guy" Dr. Duclos! Don’t know what we’d do without his specialty care! — Lori Lee