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About Us: The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

Learn More About The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

At the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we understand the importance of long-term relief for pets with chronic or relapsing skin and ear conditions and just how uncomfortable and even painful these conditions can be for our pets. Through careful and thorough assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, our doctors and staff can make a real difference in your pet’s comfort, wellbeing, and happiness.

We will develop a treatment protocol that addresses the skin or ear problems afflicting your pet and preventing them from enjoying life to the fullest. Our promise to our clients is to seek the answer to your pet’s problem with the least number of tests, procedures, and medications. Our doctors are free to seek the least cost mode of providing the appropriate care for your pet, as we are a family-owned practice. Corporate-owned practices often impose production goals for their doctors, such as income produced per client. These goals can lead to unnecessary tests and treatments in order to achieve the hidden financial goals of the corporation.