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When to Visit a Veterinary Dermatologist

ASAC_iStock_000036607386_Large (1)Gone are the days of James Herriot, when the good old family veterinarian could save your dairy cow, deliver a litter of puppies, and cast your sheep’s broken leg in the same day. While there are veterinarians out there who still do “it all”, the reality is that with ever-advancing knowledge in the field it has become impossible for one person to be truly great at all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Becoming a veterinarian in general requires a four-year undergraduate degree as well as a four-year education at an accredited veterinary school. Veterinarians who choose to specialize in a field such as dermatology complete another one-year internship and then a three-year residency training program in order to gain extensive experience in the area. They must then pass a board certification examination in order to earn the title of dermatologist. Continue…