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Fleas and Mites and Lice, Oh My! Ectoparasites and Pets

petmed-iStock_000040051884_Large (1)It is autumn and the pollens are flying. Many pet owners are quick to blame their pet’s itchiness on seasonal allergies, but it is important not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Many itchy pets can blame critters such as fleas, mites, and lice for their woes. If your pet is unusually itchy this fall, or if the normal treatments aren’t working, it is important to take a step back and determine whether your pet’s skin might be harboring an unwanted visitor. Read on to learn more about ectoparasites and pets. Continue…

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Ask An Expert: Skin Infections in Pets…

ASAC_iStock_000016361353_LargeSkin infections are a common ailment amongst pets, but can be a little tricky to properly diagnose and treat. If you believe your pet has a skin infection, it is important to have it identified and treated appropriately. Skin infections can cause inflammation, itching, and overall discomfort. No one wants to see their pet be miserable over something very treatable. Continue…