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All About Animal Dermatology

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When it comes to human medicine, it’s possible to find a specialist for nearly every aspect of health and just about every illness out there – but did you know that there are a huge variety of veterinary specialists, too? While most are familiar with the classic family vet, there are actually 41 different veterinary specialties that currently exist. 

At Animal Skin & Allergy Clinic, animal dermatology is our specialty, and we’re excited to share with you what it means to be a veterinary dermatologist and everything that we can help with.

Animal Dermatology as a Specialty

Animal dermatologists focus their careers on diagnosing and helping pets who have problems or diseases affecting the skin, hair, ears, and nails. These veterinarians are experienced and well trained in their field. 

The American College of Veterinary Dermatology is the group that recognizes and accredits veterinarians as specialists in animal dermatology. In order to achieve accreditation from the college, a veterinarian must first complete veterinary school, typically a four year post graduate degree. After that they must complete a two to three year approved dermatology residency program. The individual must also complete a research project, be published in a peer reviewed journal, and complete a certification examination.

Only after this is completed can a veterinarian put the letters ACVD after their name. These vets have a large amount of experience and knowledge in the field of veterinary dermatology and are considered experts. To date there are only about 300 board certified veterinary dermatologists in the world. 

We Are Here to Help

When your pet is suffering from conditions affecting the skin, hair, nails, or ears, our expert staff is here for you. We are able to diagnose, treat, and manage pets with many symptoms and problems including:

Many of these issues can be complex to diagnose and/or treat and can require intense attention and work to help the patient feel better. In these situations, working with a veterinary dermatologist can have a great outcome. 

Because pet dermatologists have vast knowledge and experience in the field, we are often better equipped to arrive at a diagnosis quickly and have access to the latest knowledge when it comes to finding the right course of treatment. 

If your pet is suffering from a dermatological problem, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral to a specialist. While most general practitioners are more than willing to take on general skin issues, some pets require a little extra attention. Give us a call so that we can set up a consultation and get started giving your pet the care they need.