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We Love Black Cats! Let’s Keep Them Safe This Halloween

black catsThey’re shiny, silky, and irresistibly charming, but longstanding, harebrained prejudices widely precede black cats. That lustrous black coat doesn’t charm everyone; instead, some people are driven by unfair superstitions to harm or kidnap these special felines. When we all take into consideration how vulnerable black cats are to Halloween pranksters, we can take better care to protect them.

What’s it All Mean?

Black cats feature heavily in imagery around the world as harbingers of bad luck. They’ve been unfortunately labeled as having the ability to steal the souls of the recently departed and have been strongly associated with the “evils” of witchcraft.

Personal Feelings

Some people negatively react to a black cat’s dark fur because they can’t read their expressions as well as a lighter cat or feel they don’t photograph well. Whatever the fiction or fallacy, black cats have a bad reputation that’s undeserved.

All this (and more) feeds into their shocking rate of adoption. Black cats are three times less likely to get adopted than orange or white cats. They stay in shelters the longest and are among the first animals to be euthanized.

Don’t Forget Black Cats

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are highly social, affectionate, vocal, and are even considered “good luck” in Japan and Great Britain. Plus, when they shed on your black clothing during an epic cuddle session, no one will ever know!

They Belong Here

Black cats are obviously very hard to see in the dark. With Halloween approaching, it’s absolutely imperative that your black cat stay inside. Not only are they at a higher risk of an automobile accident, there are people who want to hurt or harm a black cat on All Hallows Eve (or around this time of year).

Beginning in the couple weeks before the big night, do not allow your black cat outside after dark. Make sure he or she is microchipped and has on a collar with ID tags.

Keep an eye out for any neglect of black cats or their use in Halloween props and costume accessories. For these reasons, many shelters will not allow adoptable black cats to leave before Halloween.

Safe and Sound

Black cats deserve the same love, affection, and protection as other animals. If you have any questions or concerns about Halloween safety and black cats, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re always here for you!