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No Sun? No Problem! Rainy Day Activities for Pets

Rainy day activities for pets can help with pet exercise and pet boredom.Most of us enjoy engaging in outdoor activities with our pets when the weather is nice, but what about those days when it’s raining cats and dogs? Are there any rainy day activities for pets that will keep your four-legged pal occupied indoors? Yes! Check out these ideas that are sure to keep your pet entertained no matter the forecast.

The Benefits of Being Active

More than 50% of pets in the U.S. are overweight or obese, so it’s essential to stay active – even during inclement weather. Mental activity is also important to stave off boredom, which can lead to a host of behavioral issues. Keeping your pet engaged both physically and mentally is better for everyone’s health and happiness. Continue…

To Neuter or Not to Neuter? That is the Question

Neuter your dog, yo.Traditionally, veterinarians in the United States have been fairly unified on if and when to spay or neuter pets. For most, the answer is yes and the typical recommendation is to perform the procedure at around six months of age.

In the last few years, though, some new research has come to light that makes the waters a bit murkier. Pet owners have begun to question whether that traditional spay and neuter timeline is the best path, and some veterinarians have begun to backpedal as well.

At this time, it does not appear that there is a conclusive answer as to if and when to spay or neuter your pets. The best thing to do at this point is put all the research on the table and work as a team to come up with the best answer for each individual pet, one case at a time. Continue…

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Want to Build a Catio? It’s Even Better than It Sounds!

Build a catio and provide your kitty safe and protected outdoor time. People spend an inordinate amount of time saving up for vacations, or planning activities designed to stimulate the senses. In fact, this preoccupation with our own entertainment motivates us to work longer hours, cut coupons, and invest in the art of patiently waiting for the right moment to appear. This endless pursuit got us thinking about the cats we know and love.

If they were to create something that truly knocked their proverbial socks off, would they build a catio? You bet!

A Taste of Freedom

Without exposure to predators, parasites, or vehicular accidents, indoor-only felines can live two decades (or more!). However, strictly indoor cats commonly have fewer opportunities to exert themselves and exhibit their natural behaviors. Some form of enrichment should be provided and with obesity and diabetes on the rise, it’s worth it to consider the benefits of a catio. Continue…

8 Great Tips for Hiking With Your Pet

Hiking with your pet is a great opportunity for pet health, pet exercise, and to combat pet obesitySpring has finally sprung, and it’s that time of year in the PNW when we have a small window between rainy seasons (yeah, right!). Nonetheless, most outdoor enthusiasts don’t mind a little inclement weather and are gearing up for some hiking fun this season.

Since hiking safety means a lot of awareness and little bit of preparation, hiking with your pet naturally requires an added level of safety and legwork. To help make the most out of the great outdoors with your furry loved one, the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic has a few tips to make sure every trek is an awesome one. Continue…

Pigeon Pose, Downward Dog Cobra Pose: The Trend in Pet Yoga

Pet YogaYoga is all the rage among the hip and healthy among us, and for good reason. It’s a great way to keep in shape, decrease stress, improve posture and core strength, and gain a sense of peace in a hectic world. From hot yoga to traditional hatha, there are many options for most anyone to choose from, including animal lovers!

Yoga with pets has taken the yoga world by storm after rolling out the first doga (dog yoga) sessions in Barcelona in 1958. Since then, almost every animal imaginable has been invited onto the mat. Pet yoga is definitely a thing, and the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic is equally enthusiastic about delving into its many benefits!


Happy New Year! Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic’s Top 5 Blogs Of 2017

summer pet safetyAs we reflect on another year here at the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we find that we are overflowing with gratitude for our wonderful patients and their families. We are steadfast in our goal to continue to provide exceptional care for your pets, along with relevant and up-to-date pet care information for you.

Speaking of information, we are thrilled that so many of you are reading our educational blogs! With that in mind, we are pleased to present the top 5 most popular blog articles of 2017!


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Keeping With The Times: Must-Have Pet Apps For Health, Safety, And Fun

Pet apps rock!

Whether you are searching for the best deli in a new city, wondering when a storm is going to hit, or trying to stay in shape, you likely have an app for that. At this point in the digital age, most of us have our favorite go-to apps on our smartphones or tablets, and can’t imagine life without them.

Since so many of us consider our pets members of the family, it stands to reason that Fido and Fluffy should be considered when it comes to useful and fun apps, too. Here at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve come up a list of our favorite, must-have pet apps. Continue…

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A Bottomless Well: Online Pet Resources

Image copyright Catherine Lane 2015The Internet is a powerful tool, so it’s a good idea to approach using it with caution to avoid buying into misinformation that abounds in the digital realm. Modern technology has put a seemingly endless amount of information that we never knew existed at our fingertips, however not all of it is accurate. Pet owners are especially savvy, and there’s no shortage of reputable information out there, but trusting un-vetted online pet resources could endanger your companion.

So how do you know if an online pet resource is credible? Look no further – Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic is here to help! Continue…

Say Cheese! Taking Perfect Pictures of Your Pet

Little photographerMost of us consider our pets to be a member of our family, so it’s only natural to want to capture those perfect moments we share with them to remember always. A picture is worth a thousand words, but some pictures are worth more than others. Learn what you need to do to capture pictures of your pet that do those precious moments justice. Continue…

Best Foot Forward:  Common Pet Paw Problems

beautiful tabby cat at playA dog’s or cat’s paws do a lot of work. They not only help to get them from point A to point B, but are their main contact with the world. The paws can take the brunt of issues including allergy, infection, foreign body reaction, and pressure associated reactions. Your pet’s feet are in contact with his or her environment more than any other part of the body, making them vulnerable. Keep reading to learn more about common pet paw problems.

Pet Paw Problems due to Allergies

Many pet owners notice that their pet is constantly licking or chewing at his or her paws. There can be many reasons for this; however the most common cause is an underlying allergy. When paws are exposed to environmental substances such as grass, leaves, weeds, or chemicals they can become extremely itchy. The paws may even develop a reddish stain, if they are light in color, due to saliva exposure from licking or infection. Continue…