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Keeping With The Times: Must-Have Pet Apps For Health, Safety, And Fun

Pet apps rock!

Whether you are searching for the best deli in a new city, wondering when a storm is going to hit, or trying to stay in shape, you likely have an app for that. At this point in the digital age, most of us have our favorite go-to apps on our smartphones or tablets, and can’t imagine life without them.

Since so many of us consider our pets members of the family, it stands to reason that Fido and Fluffy should be considered when it comes to useful and fun apps, too. Here at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve come up a list of our favorite, must-have pet apps.

Pet Apps For Health And Safety

Put extra emphasis on your pet’s wellness with the following health-based apps:

The Red Cross Pet First-Aid App – Would you know what to do in a pet emergency? Videos and step-by-step instructions walk you through CPR guidelines and the basic first aid training necessary to assist your pet in the event of an emergency.

Pup Tox – This app helps you figure out which foods and plants are toxic to your dog or cat. Cross-reference this information with the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control App for ultimate protection.

MapMyDogWalk – Need a little motivation for getting your four-legged couch potato moving? Try this remarkable app, which tracks your pet’s mileage, speed, time, and calories burned, along with ideas for alternative walking routes.

Tagg – The Tagg pet GPS and accompanying app can help you find your pet if you become separated. Be sure to update your pet’s microchip for an added layer of security.

ePet Health– This app allows you to have your pet’s complete medical records on hand to share with your groomer, kennel, or caregiver. You can also create reminder alerts for medications, vaccinations, grooming, and more.

VitusVet – Another app that allows you to have your pet’s complete medical records is VitusVet.  You can also create reminder alerts for medications, vaccinations, grooming, and more.                                

A Little Training Goes A Long Way

Training a pet can be challenging. Give yourself an edge with a dog training app or two:

Dog Clicker Training – A straightforward and easy to use training app…some people have even used it to train cats!

Puppy Coach 101 – With over 30 videos covering 9 training topics, this app is like having your own personal puppy training coach.

Life Of Leisure

Check out the following pet apps designed for putting a little fun into life:

DoggyDatez – Looking for new friends to bond with over long walks and milk bones? This location-based app can help you to connect with nearby dog lovers.

BringFido – Plan the ultimate pet friendly road trip, or just figure out where to take your furry friend out for a meal or a hike, with this top notch pet travel app.

Dog Horoscope Booth – Who knew that you could find out your pup’s entire astrological destiny with only a simple photograph? What could be better?

Pocket Pond – Cats love to swipe at the colorful fish, make the frogs jump, and create ripples in the pond of this soothing and beautiful app.

We Love Pet Apps!

We welcome your ideas for other fun and informative pet apps! Don’t hesitate to let us know about your favorite pet apps.

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