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Our Top Five Pet Travel Safety Tips

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Slowly but surely, the world is opening back up again, and we are seeing more and more people itching to get on the road again with pets in tow. To celebrate this, the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic wants to share our top pet travel safety tips to ensure a fun and successful venture.

Our Top Five Pet Travel Safety Tips

The key to success in travel is being prepared, and pet travel safety is no different. Before heading out into the great unknown with your pet, consider our five best tips for successful pet travel.

1. Invest in the Gear

When it comes to pet travel gear, a little effort goes a long way. Your pet should have a well-fitting collar or harness before travel. A good, sturdy non-retractable lead is also advisable. These things help to keep your pet secure and under control at places like rest stops. A seat belt or appropriately sized carrier is also advisable for car or airline travel in case of a crash. 

2. Bring Along a Little Paperwork

When traveling away from home, it is smart to have your pet’s records with you, either printed out or accessible online. Things like vaccine history, current medications, and medical history can be very important should your pet become sick or injured while traveling. This is especially important if traveling across state lines.

3. Do Some Reconnaissance

Be sure to scope out veterinary hospitals and emergency veterinary clinics in the area you are traveling to so that you do not waste valuable time in an emergency trying to figure out how to get help with your pet while you are away.  

4.  Stock Up on Supplies

Having everything that your pet may need while traveling can ease your stress and help ensure the best care possible. Be sure that you have plenty of your pet’s medications available. You should also have a portable water bowl that you fill regularly, and a small pet first aid kit

5.  Protect Your Pet

Pet wellness care is important whether or not you are leaving home, but it is vital when traveling far from home. Depending on where you are traveling, certain diseases may be more prevalent. There may also be higher risk of things like tick-borne disease, heartworm disease, or intestinal parasites. Be sure your pet is up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations and parasite preventions before you leave for your trip. 

Happy Tails to You

We hope that there are many happy adventures ahead for you and your pets, whether you choose to have them in your own backyard or on the other side of the country. 

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help assist you and your pets in having safe and fun experiences as we all head back out into the world.