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Spring Has Sprung: Springtime Activities For Pets

Woman plays with her dogSpring has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest! The rainy season may not be quite over yet (is it ever really “over”?) but the telltale signs of spring are everywhere you turn these days.

Chances are, you and your pet are more than ready to get out and smell the cherry blossoms, and we don’t blame you! We’ve put together a list of our favorite springtime activities for pets (and their people) sure to please everyone!

Our Favorite Springtime Activities For Pets

  • Doggie play date – Nothing says “spring” like emerging from hibernation to meet up with friends and their dogs, of course. Plan a “doggie playdate” at a nearby dog park or, better yet, your own backyard. Let the dogs play while the humans enjoy some “it’s finally Spring!” chitchat.
  • Hit the trail – Enjoy the splendor of spring, while burning calories at the same time, from one of the many pet-friendly hiking trails in our area. Don’t forget the essentials: collar, leash, water (for both of you) and bags to collect and dispose of pet waste.
  • Road trip – Do you have a car-loving doggie in your family? If so, spring is the perfect time for a day trip with your four-legged friend. Whether you head north, south, east, or west, you’re sure to see some beautiful scenery and enjoy some quality bonding time with your best pal.
  • Dog friendly restaurants – Enjoy lunch on the patio with dogs and friends at one of the many pet friendly restaurants in our area. For best results, check the forecast ahead of time and choose a sunny day.

Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can capture some great shots of your adventures with your pet!

Out and About – Health And Safety Comes First

An accident or illness can put a damper on springtime fun in a hurry. Plan ahead and keep these important safety tips in mind before you hit the trail, park, beach, or streets with your pet:

  • Stay hydrated – Although our weather almost never qualifies as “hot”, you still need to make sure your pet is getting enough to drink, especially if he or she is playing or exercising a lot. Bring along a bottle of water for your pet and don’t forget a bowl to drink from!
  • ID’s please – Your pet should always be wearing his or her collar with up-to-date ID tags, especially when outside the home. Having your pet micro-chipped further increases your chances of being reunited with him or her should you become separated, so consider having this quick and almost painless procedure done if you haven’t already. Check to make sure your pet’s microchip is updated before you begin your springtime adventures.
  • Stay alert – Paying attention to your surroundings when you’re out and about with your pet is important for the safety of you both. So, ahem, keep the phone in your pocket and enjoy watching and interacting with your dog and the world around you.

Happy spring!