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Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic Blog

Autumn Pet Allergies

young Australian shepherd playing with leavesJust as it is for many people, autumn can be a difficult season for pets that suffer from allergies, too. Animals who suffer from allergies can have flare ups at any time of the year, however many pets tend to have a harder time of it as the weather shifts into fall.

Flea Allergies in Pets

Fleas are annoying to any animal. However, pets who suffer from an allergy to flea bites (flea allergic dermatitis) have reactions that are much more serious than the average pet. Just as certain people react more intensely to a mosquito bite than others, there are pets whose reaction to a flea bite is very intense as well. Flea season tends to peak in the fall in many areas, making this type of allergy a big concern. Continue…