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Your Best Defense: Flea Prevention Treatments and How They Work

Flea prevention is important to your pet's health.Fleas are ubiquitous to animals but they don’t have to be a threat to our pets. If you’ve ever experienced a flea infestation or had a pet with parasites, it’s likely you’ll do whatever it takes to avoid going through that again.

However, while fleas are annoying, they can also be dangerous and expose pets and people to a wide range of zoonotic illnesses. Some of these can be devastating, such as cat scratch disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Untreated fleas are also the source of skin problems that can result in infection, hair loss, and more.

Flea prevention is a must to keep your family and furry friends protected, but there are so many products – how do you know which one to choose? Let the team at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic remove the guesswork! Continue…

Top Culprits for Itching in Dogs

girl playing with a dog on the bank of the river near the bridge

Being a dog can sometimes be a bit itchy, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at the top causes for itching in dogs and then learn what you can do to keep your pet comfortable.

Top Causes for Itching in Dogs

Some causes of itching in dogs are obvious, and others are dog-gone sneaky. Did you realize all of these things can make your pet’s skin crawl?

Take a look at our top culprits for pruritic pooches:

Fleas – These little bugs are enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, but some pets are very sensitive to flea saliva. This means that when a flea bites, an actual allergic reaction similar to one you might have to a mosquito bite occurs. This can cause intense itching for your poor pet.

Mites – Several species of mites can live on the skin of the dog. In certain situations, these mites (usually either sarcoptic or demodectic) can grow out of control and lead to the itchy condition we often hear referred to as mange. Continue…

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