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Best Foot Forward:  Common Pet Paw Problems

beautiful tabby cat at playA dog’s or cat’s paws do a lot of work. They not only help to get them from point A to point B, but are their main contact with the world. The paws can take the brunt of issues including allergy, infection, foreign body reaction, and pressure associated reactions. Your pet’s feet are in contact with his or her environment more than any other part of the body, making them vulnerable. Keep reading to learn more about common pet paw problems.

Pet Paw Problems due to Allergies

Many pet owners notice that their pet is constantly licking or chewing at his or her paws. There can be many reasons for this; however the most common cause is an underlying allergy. When paws are exposed to environmental substances such as grass, leaves, weeds, or chemicals they can become extremely itchy. The paws may even develop a reddish stain, if they are light in color, due to saliva exposure from licking or infection. Continue…