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Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic Blog

Want to Build a Catio? It’s Even Better than It Sounds!

Build a catio and provide your kitty safe and protected outdoor time. People spend an inordinate amount of time saving up for vacations, or planning activities designed to stimulate the senses. In fact, this preoccupation with our own entertainment motivates us to work longer hours, cut coupons, and invest in the art of patiently waiting for the right moment to appear. This endless pursuit got us thinking about the cats we know and love.

If they were to create something that truly knocked their proverbial socks off, would they build a catio? You bet!

A Taste of Freedom

Without exposure to predators, parasites, or vehicular accidents, indoor-only felines can live two decades (or more!). However, strictly indoor cats commonly have fewer opportunities to exert themselves and exhibit their natural behaviors. Some form of enrichment should be provided and with obesity and diabetes on the rise, it’s worth it to consider the benefits of a catio. Continue…

Pet Food Allergies and Diet Trials: All You Need to Know

A shaggy brown and white dog at a bowlHaving an itchy pet is frustrating. The solution requires determining not only the source of your pet’s itching, but also the best strategy for managing whatever your pet’s condition may be.

Investigating the cause of your pet’s itching may include checking for a food allergy. But how do you know if your pet needs to be checked for food allergies, and what exactly is involved?

How Do I Know if My Pet Might Have a Food Allergy?

A pet food allergy is a response by the body to a food that has been ingested. These reactions can be due to a chemical or other intolerance, not necessarily allergy, so it is more accurate to call these adverse food reactions. Many times the offending food item is a protein. Occasionally, though, a carbohydrate can be the cause of the issue. In order from most common to least, the causes of adverse food reactions in dogs and cats include: Continue…

Pet Dermatology: Old Wives Tales, Busted!

Cat scratchingWhen it comes to pet dermatology, don’t believe everything you hear!

Just as with any problem you or your loved ones may have, everyone has a personal experience and lots of advice when it comes to pet health. The trouble is, not all of it is good advice. In fact, there are many old wives tales out there surrounding the health of your pet’s skin, ears, and dermatological health. Before you follow your well-meaning friend’s neighbor’s advice, take the time to talk to us and sort fact from fiction.

Motor Oil Can Treat Mange?

Demodectic mange is a common pet malady. Thankfully we have many safe, effective options for treating it. Motor oil is not one of them.

The notion that bathing your pet in motor oil can cure mange is probably seeded in some degree of truth. Perhaps at one time this was recommended and perhaps motor oil did seem to help. Not long ago toxic chemicals were used in both humans and animals to kill mange and lice. It has only been in the last 10 years that the use of these substances has been replaced by safer treatments. The same thing goes for treatments like motor oil; even though it at one time seemed to be an acceptable option, there are a few good reasons to not give it a try: Continue…