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Thanksgiving Food for Pets: What to Avoid and What to Share

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The holiday season is upon us, and it is time for fun and sharing with family and friends. The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic knows that your loved ones likely include those with more than two legs. Be sure that your holiday meals are happy ones by knowing what Thanksgiving food for pets is safe and what to avoid.

Thanksgiving Food for Pets to Pass On

Not everything is meant for sharing. Some traditional Thanksgiving foods can lead to upset tummies or worse. Pancreatitis in pets or even toxicities are possible when we don’t pay attention. 

Thanksgiving food for pets to avoid include:

  • Bones, especially small sharp turkey bones or those that have been cooked
  • High-fat meats such as bacon, ham, or trimmings like poultry skin
  • Very rich sauces and butter
  • Baked goods or candies that contain the artificial sweetener xylitol
  • Stuffing or baked goods that contain grapes or raisins
  • Anything containing chocolate
  • Raw doughs
  • Large amounts of onion or garlic
  • Macadamia nuts

Don’t forget that many times dangerous ingestions occur by accident as well. Be sure to keep glasses of alcoholic drinks out of the reach of curious pets, especially if you are having company over. Lock up purses and coats so that a nosy animal doesn’t find things like cigarettes, medications, sugar-free gum, or inhalers to get into trouble with.

Also don’t forget that food scraps in the trash can be tempting for pets. Be sure that garbage cans are secure from your animals especially during the holidays.

Sharing the Holidays with Your Pet Pals

It’s not Thanksgiving without a feast, and we understand wanting to include your pet.

When sharing in holiday festivities, choose fun activities and treats that are safe to include your pet in. Don’t forget to consider any diagnosed health conditions that may affect your choice.

Pet-friendly Thanksgiving ideas to celebrate with your pet might include:

  • Baking some special festive treats like cranberry cheese dog biscuits or turkey and sweet potato meatballs
  • Sharing a small portion of pumpkin puree with your dog or cat
  • Sharing some veggies sans butter, oil, or bacon
  • Throw around the football with your pet in the backyard
  • Take a stroll and enjoy the autumn sights
  • Visit family or friends with your pet if they enjoy outings
  • Rake a pile of leaves to play in

Our team at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic hopes that both you and your pets have a wonderful holiday season. As always, please contact us if we can help you in any way. We are thankful to have your pets as patients. 

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