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Veterinary Laser Surgery: Advanced Technology Benefits Your Pet

Veterinary Laser Surgery Services at the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

Dr. Duclos was one of the first veterinary dermatologists to use the laser in veterinary dermatology. He has lectured both nationally and internationally on the use of the CO2 laser in veterinary dermatology. He is also the author of papers and chapters in veterinary literature on the use of the CO2 laser in veterinary dermatology diseases.

At the Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic, we use the most advanced model of CO2 laser available today, the Aesculight laser. This laser is made in Woodinville, Washington, by the engineers who designed and built the original veterinary CO2 laser.

Veterinary Laser Surgery Benefits

Lasers are devices that use light that has been enhanced to emit a beam that will remove tissue in a very precise pattern. The CO2 laser does not penetrate deep into the skin, so the surgeon can remove only the diseased tissue. CO2 laser surgery has little to no blood in the surgical field, so the surgeon has better control to spare normal tissues in the area.

Veterinary Laser Surgery Uses

A laser is used to treat many skin conditions. A few examples include the following:

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of pet laser surgery or to schedule an appointment. We welcome any questions you may have regarding your pet’s dermatology condition.