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Lumps and Bumps: The Ear Tumor

Ear Tumor at The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic has the skill and expertise to diagnose and treat your pet’s ear tumors. The tumors have a variety of causes and can be found in both dogs and cats. Not all tumors are cause for concern, but in some cases they can be cancerous. It is vital to determine if the tumors are cancerous since early removal gives the best outcome for your pet. An ear tumor can occur at any stage of your pet’s life, but they are most common in older pets.

Diagnosing Ear Tumors

Tumors come in many varieties, and they can often be confused with other skin diseases. Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic specializes in pet dermatology conditions and has the experience, skill, and technology required to accurately and effectively determine the root cause of the your pet’s ear tumor. In addition to a physical examination, a biopsy or fine needle aspirate of the tumor may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Treating Pet Ear Tumors

The most common treatment for pet ear tumors is surgical removal of the affected tissue. Ear tumors are difficult to remove with the scalpel, because it is impossible to prevent damage to the normal surrounding ear. Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic offers tumor removal using the latest in laser surgical techniques. When these tumors are removed with laser ablation, little to no bleeding occurs, and there is no harm to the normal ear tissue. The ears heal with no pain, and there is very little damage to the normal ear.

Before Surgery

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After Surgery

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After Healing—3 to 4 weeks

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