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Pet Skin Disease: Histiocytomas

Histiocytomas Skin Disease Treatment at The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of pet dermatology skin diseases including histiocytomas. Histiocytomas are non-cancerous skin tumors caused by an autoimmune disease. They can be found in dogs or cats at any age, many younger than 2 years old. Certain pet breeds may be more susceptible, but it is not a breed-specific tumor. They appear as small, firm dome masses on the skin surface, most commonly located on the head, ears, and limbs.

Diagnosing Histiocytomas

Histiocytomas are non-life threatening but are often treated as they are unsightly or an annoyance to your pet. Proper diagnosis is important to rule out cancerous tumors, which have similar physical characteristics. We will take a thorough history of your pet’s health, including the onset of the symptoms and a physical examination. Additional diagnostic testing may be performed such as a complete blood analysis, urinalysis, or a sample of the tumor collected by fine needle aspirate.

Histiocytoma Treatment

These tumors are easily removed with laser surgery. There is no blood, no pain, no damage to normal tissue, and most surgeries do not require sutures. Many of these can be removed on the animal without complete anesthesia, using a local lidocaine block of the tumor area.

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