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Skin Diseases: Nevi — Birthmarks

Nevi—Birthmark Treatment at The Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic

Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment for nevi, or birthmarks. The nevi, or more commonly called moles, are birthmarks and can be breed specific. Nevi can be located on any part of your pet’s body, including the skin and tongue. In the majority of cases, the birthmark is non-cancerous, but irregular-shaped birthmarks can be dangerous and should be examined.

Diagnosing Nevi—Birthmarks

During your pet’s grooming regimen, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your pet’s birthmarks. If you notice any changes in the shape, size or color of the nevi, please schedule an appointment to have your pet examined. At the clinic we will take a thorough history, and perform a physical exam of your pet. Proper diagnosis of the nevi requires a microscopic examination of a biopsied tissue sample to ensure they are non-cancerous.

Treating Nevi—Birthmarks

Pet laser surgery is an effective treatment for nevi birthmarks. Nevi, like the one below, are easily removed using laser ablation. Pet laser surgery has many advantages to traditional removal with a scalpel such as no blood loss, the elimination of sutures, and healing results in normal skin.

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Please contact us to schedule an appointment. No referral is needed to be diagnosed and treated at our clinic, and we will follow up with your primary veterinarian to ensure he or she is informed of the diagnosis and treatment your pet receives.